Mau hack Facebook, cepat masuk sini !!!

CARA HACK Friendster DAN Facebook dengan HP nokia with GPRS

If lucky, you can login with ur friend username and password on Friendster or Facebook just using Nokia with 3G support. What you need is two units Nokia 6120c and using Kartu Halo Telkomsel.

First, make sure that your phone number or SIM Card is not blocked and available for calling. The other should can access web page using 3G or HSDPA network. Then access website You will be asked for username and password. For example, if you want to hack your Friend’s account, for e.g. (not real email), you should have the phone number of account owner.

Enter into the email form, and then enter the password. To retrieve the password, pick your other cellular phone, then call your friend who trust in you and ask the password and then request him/her to send the password via SMS. If you lucky, in few minutes you will get the password in your SMS Inbox. Use the password to login and you can do anything with your friend’s FS account. More lucky if your friend’s Facebook acount have same user and password with Friendster account.
why you so serius....
COBA click di link ini untuk infonya :
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